Junior Rules

Wiltshire Cricket Limited Talent Pathway Junior Rules

As a player within the Wiltshire Cricket Talent Pathway you are expected to abide by the following rules:

We would also draw players attention to the personal attributes that are outlined within the Wiltshire Cricket Talent Pathway Framework, as follows:

  1. I absolutely love the game, within practice or matches.
  2. I attend sessions with a willingness to work hard and learn.
  3. I embrace competition.
  4. I enjoy being part of a team and celebrate when my teammates succeed.
  5. I play multiple sports and understand fitness and conditioning is a vital part of my game.
  6. I am inquisitive and able to think independently.
  7. I am determined to improve my game but understand failure is okay.
  8. I can show resilience at times when I find cricket difficult.
  9. I am grateful for the opportunity and support I receive from my parents & the coaches.

ECB Anti-Discrimination Code:

Wiltshire Cricket Limited has adopted the ECB Anti-Discrimination code and it applies to all cricket played under our auspices, including talent pathway cricket.

The Code aims to ensure that there are consistent appropriate regulations relating to discriminatory behaviour.

The ECB is committed to making positive change to ensure cricket is a game for everyone. Anyone that wants to play, watch or be involved at any level of the game must feel welcome and safe. Cricket has the power to connect people and communities. It is our collective duty to ensure an inclusive environment that allows those connections with our game and its people to thrive.

The ECB Anti-Discrimination code can be accessed here.

General Conduct Regulations:

Wiltshire Cricket Limited has also adopted the ECB General Conduct Regulations for the handling of any disciplinary cases played under our auspices.

The ECB General Conduct Regulations can be access here.