Wiltshire Cricket Girls Talent Pathway Nominations for 2023-2024 are now open!

Wiltshire Cricket has now sent information to cricket clubs regarding GIRLS County Age Group trials ahead of the winter programme starting in January 2024.

For information on our Boys Talent Pathway trials, visit here.

IMPORTANT - Our process for nominating players from clubs has now changed. Clubs should ensure that they read the nomination and trials letter that has been sent to them, and then forward this onto the parents of your nominated players..


Quoting the attached Nomination and Trials letter:

“Rather than nominating names to Wiltshire CCC, you are required to share the registration link provided to the players that you would like to be considered in the trial process.

This is not an open link for anyone to register and it must remain with those that your club would like to put forward for county cricket consideration.

The reason for sharing the registration link is because we would like parents of the players who you believe warrant a trial to make the decision themselves as to whether they wish for their child to attend a trial.

As part of this registration, they will provide their accurate contact information and will have the option to agree to receive communications from Wiltshire Cricket.

We also request that you share the Talent Identification & Player Selection booklet (see below) with the parents.”

Trialling Timeframes for 2023-2024

As with previous years, the trial process will continue to be managed centrally by the Wiltshire Cricket office.

With this in mind, the process for nominating, trialling and selecting players will be as follows:



10th August

Nomination Letter sent to Clubs with Junior Sections

By 30th August

Deadline for parents to nominate their child for County trials using the link found within the nomination and trials letter

By 8th September 2023

All nominated players will be notified of the date, venue and timing of their trial

Between 17th &  24th Sept 2023

Trials will take place – Under 13s, 15s, 18s and Adults

During October 2023

Indoor trials for the Under 11s programme will take place

How to nominate?


  • Read the Talent ID and Player Selection document to allow you to make a decision as to who you would like to consider for trials.
  • Forward the Nomination and Trials letter and the Talent ID and Player Selection document onto the respective parents.


  • On receiving the Nomination and Trials letter, first have a discussion with your child to decide if they would like to take part in the trials process.
  • Complete the registration form using the link found within the Nomination and Trials letter.

Wiltshire Cricket's Girls Talent Pathway ID and Selection Document

Wiltshire Cricket's Girls Talent Pathway starts at Under 11s and runs through to Under 18s. At each stage of the pathway we have specific technical and personal attributes that we look for in players.

In addition, we are committed to our pathway being an enjoyable and positive experience for all players, recognising that the outcomes from being involved in the pathway will vary from player to player. One way of providing a positive experience is to ensure that our pathway is as open and equitable as possible. It is for this reason that we have developed a new Talent ID and Selection document, which we would urge you to read before registering your daughter for this trial. Please click on the following link to download and view this document; https://www.wiltshire-ccc.co.uk/talent-pathway-framework/girls-talent-id-and-selection.html.

Within this document, we reference a number of documents that can be useful to support coaches with Talent ID
and player selection;

Wiltshire Cricket Skills Framework

Western Storm - "What do we look for"

ECB Unleashing Potential

The intention of this document is to share and be transparent about the things that our coaches will look for when selecting players for our pathway programmes. The intention is also to show that we are developing a number of mechanisms for how we can gather information on players. This is in recognition that trials in isolation can be a challenging experience for some children and may not always be fully reflective of a player’s ability.

For parents who are invited by their club to register their daughter for a trial, we ask that you take on on board the information provided in the links above and make the decision that your daughter would like to attend a Talent Pathway trial with Wiltshire Cricket.

A reminder that registrations from parents need to be submitted by 30th August 2023.

To discuss our Nominations and Trial process, our Talent Pathway Framework, or our Talent Pathway ID and Selection document, please contact Tom Morton, Wiltshire Cricket's Head of Talent Pathway, or Sam Dent, Wiltshire Cricket Development Manager, County Girls U18s and U15s Lead Coach, or Ali Goddard, County Girls U13s and U11s Lead Coach:

Tom Morton

Tom Morton

Wiltshire Cricket Head of Talent Pathway

Ali Goddard

Ali Goddard

Cricket Development Manager (Schools, Junior Cricket, Coach Development)

Sam Dent

Sam Dent

Cricket Development Manager (Clubs, Programmes, Women's and Girls)