Wiltshire Cricket thanks its Talent Pathway sponsors and celebrates achievements within the Talent Pathway in 2022!

Wiltshire Cricket would like to say a huge thank you to our sponsors for their support of Talent Pathway Cricket in 2022.

Our Talent Pathway is an important part of our work, supporting over 300 girls and boys across the county each year with a 12 week programme of winter coaching as well as a comprehensive summer matchplay schedule.

As well as providing a Talent Pathway, which we do under the identity of Wiltshire County Cricket Club, the Cricket Board is also responsible for all aspects of recreational and community cricket across Wiltshire, ranging from school delivery, to club support, to Women’s and Girls Cricket, to Disability Cricket and much, much more. You can read about the full scope of our work on our website at www.wiltshirecricket.co.uk. However, for specific information on our talent pathway, you can visit the pages here at www.wiltshire-ccc.co.uk where you will be able to view the performances of the teams that you so generously supported in 2022.

From a Cricketing perspective, our teams enjoyed much success during 2022, with much to celebrate in terms of how we have professionalised our Cricket offer:

  • In total we played 178 representative matches (an increase on 2021) across our girls and boys teams.
  • For the first year, we also introduced an outdoor practice phase of the season for our representative teams, in order to provide additional support on top of the winter coaching programmes.
  • A full time analyst placement student was appointed to work on behalf of Wiltshire Cricket, meaning that an increasing number of matches have been live streamed and uploaded to our Youtube channel. This is an emerging development for pathway cricket and is hopefully a sign of what will be available in the future for a young cricketer
  • At the start of the summer we delivered our first ever parents workshop as a means of introducing our parents to the Wiltshire Cricket pathway, introducing them to our Talent Pathway Framework, and outlining the ways in which they can support their son and/or daughter during their pathway journey

However, in addition to the Cricket played we are also proud to share that in 2022 we also introduced the following new things, off the field, to our Pathway:

  • A new Talent Pathway Framework – During the 2021-2022 winter, we produced our first ever Wiltshire Cricket Talent Pathway Framework. This is a framework document that has really helped to;
    • a) professionalise our talent pathway offer, and,
    • b) provide real clarity to players, parents and coaches about what our talent pathway entails and what to expect from it. Specifically, the framework includes:
      • The Player Pathway from Club through to Wiltshire CCC 1st XI
      • Age Group Timeline - what are the key focuses of each stage of the pathway
      • What will each year in the Wiltshire Cricket Talent Pathway look like?
      • Batting/Bowling/Fielding Frameworks - these are supported by the Skills Framework videos available on this website
      • The personal attributes that will benefit players in the Wiltshire Cricket Talent Pathway
      • Talent ID and Player Selection
      • Current County cricketers who started their journeys in the Wiltshire Cricket Talent Pathway

              The Talent Pathway framework document can be viewed on our website via the link provided.

  • The launch of a new Talent Pathway Support Fund – The Wiltshire Cricket Talent Pathway Support Fund recognises that individuals and their families at all levels within the pathway make significant sacrifices and financial contributions to support and enable participation within the various aspects of the programme, and so on that note the fund can help to support the costs of winter coaching through to summer matches. More information on our Talent Pathway Support Fund is available via our website
  • Reduced cost of programmes for parents – Through the combination of your sponsorship and an initiative from ECB to reduce financial barriers associated with pathway cricket, we have been able to reduce the cost of winter coaching programmes for girls and boys this coming winter to the value of £110 for boys and £165 for girls. This is an incredible initiative as we work towards making our pathway as affordable and accessible as possible

Through the continued support that our sponsors offer, all of the above has become possible, and so we would like to thank again the following partners for everything they have done for Wiltshire Cricket in 2022 

  • Interconics
  • Hand and Millar Consulting
  • Home Ground Pharmacy
  • Wansbroughs Solicitors
  • Renelec
  • Hartsfield Financial Planning
  • Wiltshire Concrete
  • Mander Duffill
  • Gaiger
  • Chubb
  • Tuttle Architectural Services
  • Hills Group