U10s/U11s U12s/U13s U14s/U15s U18s/EPP
Early A grip that allows run scoring on both sides of the wicket YES YES YES YES
Early A backlift which is aligned to the timing of movement in to the ball YES YES YES YES
Early A still head and balanced body at the bowler's point of release YES YES YES YES
Early Clear calling and aggressive running between the wickets YES YES YES YES
Basic Transference of weight quickly forward and back at the crease   YES YES YES
Basic Develoment of cross batted shots, sweeps, cuts and pulls   YES YES YES
Basic Meeting the ball with the full face of the bat, particularly in defence   YES YES YES
Basic Physically strong enough to move efficiently into shots and maintain a still position at ball contact     YES YES
Enhanced Consistently demonstrating effective decision making and skill execution under pressure     YES YES
Enhanced Physically fit enough to concentrate for longer periods (30+ overs)     YES YES
Enhanced A game plan against spin in different conditions       YES
Enhanced An understanding of how they would individually construct an innings, including the development of individual "super strengths"       YES
Enhanced The skill and strategy to deal with short pitched bowling       YES