U10s/U11s U12s/U13s U14s/U15s U18s/EPP
Early Can take a variety of different catches in different fielding positions and demonstrate a lack of fear for the hard ball YES YES YES YES
Early Introduction to throwing technique, which is both effective and safe YES YES YES YES
Early Fielding is used as a means to incorporate some fundamental movement patterns and beginner strength and conditioning type exercises YES YES YES YES
Early Players should have energy and enthusiasm towards fielding. The coaches regularly stress the importance of fielding YES YES YES YES
Basic Introduction to diving/landing fundamentals   YES YES YES
Basic Expects and wants every ball to come to them, and shows pride in the outcome of their fielding efficiency   YES YES YES
Basic Ground fielding and body positioning are taught to maximise the speed of release   YES YES YES
Basic Can throw confidently in to the keeper's gloves whilst fielding in the ring     YES YES
Basic Skill execution is becoming more athletic and dynamic through participating in multiple sports and an introduction to more advanced strength and conditioning     YES YES
Basic Players are starting to anticipate what the batter is trying to do     YES YES
Enhanced Can perform different types of dives to be used for different types of fielding challenges     YES YES
Enhanced A throwing arm that is both powerful and accurate       YES
Enhanced Developing a specialist fielding position       YES
Enhanced Hungry to impact the match with a game changing piece of fielding       YES
Enhanced Can concentrate for long periods (50+ over games) and be ready to perform in quieter periods of matches       YES
Enhanced Players are open minded to time saving skill execution       YES