Diving and Landing

How to Generate Power:
- Athletic Base for Lateral Movement (0:40)
- Starting in a Low Position to Enable Good Diving Posture and Height (0:46)
- Lead with the Head into the Dive to Facilitate Direction (0:52)
- Inside Leg to the Ball Opens to Allow the Outside Leg to Drive Through (0:59)
- Outside Leg to the Ball is the Main Generator of Power (1:05)
Suggested Coaching Drills Within Practice (1:14)
- Option 1: Sliding (1:41)
          - Arms Extend to Protect the Catch and Instigate a Good Landing Position (1:43)
          - Distribute Weight onto Chest, Stomach and Quadriceps (1:52)
- Option 2: The Catching Roll (2:02)
          - Shoulders Rotate with the Direction of the Ball (2:05)
          - Maintain Momentum After Initial Contact with the Floor to Avoid Injury (2:14)
          - Land on the Shoulders and Back to Enable the Roll (2:22)
- Option 3: The Ground Fielding Roll (2:39)
          - Shoulders Rotate into the Line of the Ball so that the Perfromer is Facing the Correct Direction Post Roll
          - Momentum Gained in the Roll is Used to Enable a Throwing Position (3:04)
Suggested Coaching Drills Within Practice (3:14)