U10s/U11s U12s/U13s U14s/U15s U18s/EPP
Early Achieving straight lines throughout delivery aligned to target YES YES YES YES
Early A grip that allows the ball to spin, swing or seam depending on the bowler type YES YES YES YES
Early Safe and aligned action at a basic level YES YES YES YES
Early Understanding of basic fielding positions YES YES YES YES
Basic A balanced and rythmical approach using front side and trailling leg to create energy towards the target YES YES YES YES
Basic An understanding of strength and conditioning drills within their skills training to enable strong front and back foot contact and good use of the front arm in the delivery phase   YES YES YES
Basic Strong wrist position and control of grip through the delivery phase   YES YES YES
Basic Starting to demonstrate and understand stock ball control   YES YES YES
Basic Understanding of field placement for delivery type and different game phases   YES YES YES
Enhanced Strong, repeatable, and safe action giving controlled and repeatable outcomes   YES YES YES
Enhanced Awareness of stock ball control and developing alternative deliveries     YES YES
Enhanced Tactically aware of game situations and batters strengths and weaknesses to develop game plans, alongside the skill to execute       YES